Welcome To My Crib

Welcome To My Crib

Baby will be here soon and you're mad busy planning the nursery. Here we will talk about the most important necessity for your baby's safe haven.

The Crib.

Whatever your nursery theme may be here is the basic technique in putting together the perfect crib. First, let's start with the bones of the project. You remove all material from its box and scratch your head, wondering where to begin. You call hubby in to help. 

Two. Hours, Later...

The floor is still filled in a dismantled mess. Wood and screws are scattered everywhere. Hubby takes a break and runs for the kitchen for a sandwich and drink.

One. Hour. Later...

Hubby joins wife in nursery, gawking at the fact that she mastered those tedious instructions. He high-five her as they both stare at the brand new baby crib all ready for baby who should be arriving any day now. But is this crib really ready for baby?

  • Lets begin with the mattress. you want to be sure the mattress meets CPSC (consumer product safety commission) guidelines. Be sure to leave a  very minimal gap between mattress and crib.
  • Cover mattress with a fun fitted sheet that matches the theme of your nursery.
  • Now, let's get rid of the bumper, the pillow, the blanket, and that cute little stuffed animal. That's right. These things can do more harm to your sweet little joy than good.
  • Baby should always sleep on his or her back, not side or stomach, to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).
  • Remember, from newborn to six months your baby should be sleeping in a bassinet placed in your room.
  • After four months, try self soothing by not picking baby up, right away when he or she wakes up.
  • After six months try allowing your precious angel to nap, one day at a time, in the nursery.
  • Comfortable sleeping temperature for baby is 70 to 75 degrees.
  • If your baby is past swaddle stage a sleeper is what you'll need to keep your little pumpkin snuggly and cozy. Blushing Dimple Boutique offer a variety of soft and cuddly sleepers in fun styles and colors. 
  • A white-noise machine is essential for calming baby in restless moments. White-noise machines create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms irritable infants, encouraging them to stop crying and fall asleep faster.
  • Don't forget to dim the lights, or better yet, use a nightlight to set the mood for sweet dreams. 
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