Newborn Sleep Schedule

Newborn Sleep Schedule

New moms are you having a tough time getting baby on a schedule? Here are a few suggestions to help you smooth things out.


  • Open the curtains or blinds to let in a little sunlight. Sunlight usually tells the brain that sleepy time is over and it's time to rise and shine. It's time to start a fresh new day.
  • Don't allow baby to lounge around in his or her night wear. Changing the baby out of his or her bedtime clothes let them know it's time to get the day started.
  • While changing baby allow him or her to touch your skin. Skin to skin helps baby to bond and feel safe and loved. Besides skin to skin calms and relaxes both mother and baby. Skin to skin also helps regulate baby's heart rate and breathing, reduce stress levels, and stimulates digestion and an interest in feeding.
  • Make sure you feed baby well and get a really good burp afterwards. Burping helps relieve that extra air taken in from feedings. If baby is not burped it could lead to spitting up, crankiness, and gassy issues.
  • After burping, encourage baby to poop.
  • Now is a good time to play with baby.

Nap Time:

  • Look for signs or sleepiness and be sure to put baby in his or her bed, not yours.
  • By all means, keep the curtains or blinds open and go about your daily routine. It's okay to make some noise. Remember, we're trying to get baby on a nighttime schedule.
  • Wake baby after 2 hours of napping. Repeat this throughout the day.

Bedtime: We're going to keep this quick and simple

  • Dim the light and feed baby, burp baby, and get a poop.
  • Allow gentle playtime.
  • Bath and massage baby.
  • Change into night clothes.
  • Put baby in his or her own bed.

Sweet dreams little baby. 




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